The God that I know

The God that I know looks nothing like the blowhards who have claimed the mantle of religion and decked themselves in cloaks of holier-than-thou. The God that I know is powerful, yet speaks in a still small voice. Even God’s miracles are quiet, unassuming. God speaks most when we are ourselves small and broken, and He* speaks most for the lowest of the low, the forgotten, the unwanted, the freaks, the dirty – the ones the world has discarded. God is gentle, creative, funny, unexpected, and surprising.

In short, God is the exact opposite of the blowhards who currently claim to speak in His name. When I see the shenanigans of the likes of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, it offends me that these one-dimensional-robotons claim to speak on God’s behalf. Offended is a small word, while what I feel is less polite – some smashing and throwing of edifices is required I think (Mathew 21:12).

How dare these ugly-hate-spewing-machines defile God, and claim to speak in His name – do they think God is some commodity that they can use for their own petty little ends? Do these not fear God’s wrath? Have these ever read the Bible, and if so, how could they miss what the whole book is about?

I honestly doubt that these people have ever read the Bible since I think it is impossible to read it and say the things these people say.

“You will know them by their fruits” (Mathew 7:16). It does not seem possible to look at the Santorums and the Huckabees of the world and think – “this” is what God’s fruits look like. So it is incredible that they are not laughed out of the house when they don the mantle of God and religion.

I’ve heard people ask why moderate Muslims do not speak out against the most extremist/crazy elements, and I have the same question for American Christians: why do you allow these alienoids to speak for you?

*or She or Ze or whichever limiting pronoun we humans can come up with to describe God.


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