Home: The joys of having big problems

I am home. Moving back was the first difficult decision I’ve ever made, and the best. Today, I read in the news about a boy traveling to the city with his father and three uncles for his engineering admission interview. A lorry ran into them, and the father was grievously injured, but made his son promise to go for his interview, and study hard to make a good life for himself. The father died. The boy went for the interview, and got admission. This is the Indian story.

Does anyone doubt that this boy will grow to be a man all of us will be proud of?

Perhaps human beings need real problems, and those who don’t have real problems, make some up. I see all around me Saints – extraordinary people filled with zeal to solve everything from e-waste to reading comprehension. And I thank God for giving me the sense to return. And I pray to God that I too will grow to be like these.


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